How to Add Amazon S3 Videos to FreshMember Page

In order to add Amazon S3 or other video streaming sources that don’t provide simply embed code, to a FreshMember page, you will want to switch to the Code Editor on the page Then enter the following… <iframe width=”WIDTH HERE” height=”HEIGHT HERE” src=”YOUR URL HERE” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> Make sure you […]

Setting Your Application URL

Before you can start using FreshMember, you need to assign an application URL. To setup your FreshMember application URL, follow the instructions below… Step 1: You can log-in at: (use the login we provided) Step 2: Click “Manage Admin” Step 3: Then click: Step 4: Enter Your Email: Set […]


Example Response IPN Validation Function PayKickstart’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is a message service that automatically notifies vendors of events related to PayKickstart transactions. Vendors can use it to automate back-office and administrative functions, including automatically creating users on apps, providing customers with their login credentials via email etc. ARGUMENTS […]

Integration Zapier with FreshMember

Below are the instructions on how to integrate Zapier with your FreshMember membership sites.  This will allow you to integrate with over 500+ integrations offered by Zapier. Step 1: Request an Invite to Use the FreshMember app on Zapier (make sure you have already created a Zapier account). Step 2:  […]

Mapping between Member Pages, Categories and Membership Levels

In this tutorial, we will learn how the mapping between Member pages, Categories, and Membership levels work. So let’s get started! In the Project Dashboard, Click Member Pages. You will be re-directed to the Content Management screen as shown below: Content Management Please follow the numbering in the screen above […]

Clickbank Integration

In this tutorial we will learn about the Clickbank Integration with Fresh Member. So let’s get started. As shown in the screen below, the option of payment solutions including Clickbank is available in the Site Wizard – third step. For detailed explanations, please follow the numbering from the screen above: […]

Email Integration with Active Campaign

In this tutorial, we will learn about the integration of  Fresh Member with Active Campaign Autoresponder. Here is the training video: Email Integration is the fifth step in the Site wizard of Fresh Member. The screen will look similar to the screen below: Site Wizard – Step 5 – Email […]

Navigation Management

In this tutorial, we will learn about site navigation in Fresh Member So let’s get started. In the Account Dashboard, click Manage icon on the relevant project site as shown below: Account Dashboard You will be re-directed to the Project Dashboard as shown below: Project Dashboard – Navigation Click Navigation […]