Integration Zapier with FreshMember

Below are the instructions on how to integrate Zapier with your FreshMember membership sites.  This will allow you to integrate with over 500+ integrations offered by Zapier.

Step 1: Request an Invite to Use the FreshMember app on Zapier (make sure you have already created a Zapier account).

Step 2:  Go to “Connected Accounts” and search/select FreshMember.


Step 3: Enter your Membership URL and API Key.


Provided to you on your FreshMember Dashboard.



Step 4:  Now that Zapier is connected to FreshMember, we can “Create a Zap”.


Step 5:  After walking through the Zapier wizard, you will then provide any Zapier webhook that they provide here.


Make sure you enter the webhook in the approperiate area, depending on the action (New Member, New Refund, New Cancellation)


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