How to access the Theme Editor?

You can watch the training video here: In the Account Dashboard, click Manage button in your project site as shown in the screen below: Note: You need to create at least one project/site to set the themes for your site. Account Dashboard You will be re-directed to the Project Dashboard. […]

What is the recommended size of logo?

Recommend size of logo is 220px (width) X 35px (height). This works with most of the themes. If you want to know the exact size of logo used in theme that you’ve installed for your site, open the front end site and then right click on the sample logo that is shown […]

What is Agency Account and how do I use it?

What is Agency Account? Agency license means that you can create a membership site for one of your clients and then add your client as a site admin. Doing so will allow your client to logon to the FreshMember admin area of your app. When your client will login to […]

How to charge only one time payment for my membership site?

As shown in the tutorial how to create your first membership site, under Step 4 – Membership Levels, look for Details – Membership Level section. So, when you click the Detail button on the page where you are creating membership levels inside your app admin area, in the popup that opens, select Recurring Times as 1. […]

Are there any video hosting costs with FreshMember?

You can upload as many videos as you want under our fair usage policy. However, size of each video cannot be more than 200MB. Fair Usage Policy: We strictly monitor the usage of uploads. As long as you are not trying to build another youtube or a torrent site, you are good under […]

Can we pause memberships if a customer stops paying?

This is automatically done. Let’s say you charge $10 every month to give your customer access to the members area. So the customer’s subscription inside system is set as 30 days from now. After 30 days, system will expect a payment. If a payment is not received, customer can still login […]

How can I change my password?

You may change your password from your admin dashboard by clicking the top right menu which reads as “Welcome <Name> ” and then click on Profile option from the dropdown that opens up. You can enter your new password there.