JV ZOO Integration

In this tutorial we will learn about the JVZoo integration with Fresh Member. So let’s get started.

As shown in the screen below, the option of payment solutions including JVZoo is available in the Site Wizard – third step.

Site Wizard – Step 3 – Payment Integration

For detailed explanations, please follow the numbering from the screen above:

1. Enable: Enable the  JVZoo payment solution as shown in the screen above.

2. Secret Key: Enter your JVZoo Secret key in this field. You can obtain the JVZoo Secret key from your JVZoo account.

3. Save: Save the settings. You will get a pop-up stating – ‘Record updated successfully!’

That’s it. Now for all the customers, who buy your products through Jvzoo.com, a user account will automatically be created for them in your Fresh Member Site.

This way, they can login to Fresh Member on your site, download their purchases, or access their subscriptions.

4. Next: Click Next and you will reach the fourth step of the site wizard – Membership Levels as shown in the screen below:

Site Wizard – Step 4 – Membership Levels

As shown in the screen above, for each Membership Level, the JVZoo: IPN URL link will be available by clicking the JVZoo button against each membership level.

1. JVZoo URL: Click JVZoo button. You will get the URL in a pop-up as shown in the screen below


Cope and enter the URL shown above in JVZIPN URL field on the product creation form, inside your JVZoo account.

Login to your Jvzoo account and click on the list of your Jvzoo listing to edit it. You JVZoo account will look somewhat similar to the screen below:

JVZoo Integration

As pointed by the red arrow in the screen above, enter the JVZIPN URL here.

With this we complete the tutorial for JVZoo integration with Fresh Member.

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