Can I use my domain for the membership site?

You can map your membership sites to a domain name that you own, using a CNAME record. To do this, login to your admin panel, click the “Manage” icon on the desired project block from projects dashboard screen. The page that opens up have a left side menu. Click the “Settings” menu and then select “Domain Mapping” option.

STEP 1: You will see instructions as below:

INSTRUCTIONS: Create a CNAME record with Destination URL/IP value as:

STEP 2: So, first you need to logon to the domain registrar site from where you booked the domain name. Then add a CNAME record for the string shown in instructions (example above).

Refer to this tutorial video which shows how to set up a CNAME record with

After you have created a CNAME (let’s say then go back to FreshMember page that you opened in Step 1. Enter (or whatever you have chosen instead of “members” while creating CNAME record in domain registrar) in the field and hit Verify & Save button. If system is able to locate your CNAME, it will give you a success message, else you may have to wait for some time until your domain registrar propagates the DNS changes for your CNAME all over the internet.

If you want our support desk to do this for you, please feel free to contact us.

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