What is Agency Account and how do I use it?

What is Agency Account?

Agency license means that you can create a membership site for one of your clients and then add your client as a site admin. Doing so will allow your client to logon to the FreshMember admin area of your app. When your client will login to your FreshMember app, she can access only that site for which you have added her as a site admin. Now here on, she can add content, manage orders, manage members, and do everything to maintain and run her site.

If you have bought an agency license, then follow the steps below to add site admin to any of the sites that you have created inside your FreshMember app:

1. Click the Manage icon in the project box on the project dashboard screen (first screen that shows up after you login to admin panel).

2. Once system takes you to the site management section, you will find a Settings menu at the bottom left corner of the screen. Click that, and a menu will pop-up. Select Admin Management from that menu.

3. Click the Add Admin button on the screen that shows up and you should be able to add site admin to the selected site.

We will shortly make it more convenient to you by letting you site admins from the project dashboard itself.

Are site admin accounts same as the master account? Will my master account be able to see all the site’s site admins will create? (eg if my client’s site admin account created 10 sites, can I see them all in my dashboard?

Site admins can manage only those sites that you add them to. They cannot create sites on their own. They can only login and manage the sites to which they are added as site admin. Only master accounts can create sites.

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